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'Brother Thomas' Reflects in the Abbey

A picture of 'Brother Thomas' at Tintern by professional photographer Chris Warren (working on a commission for Cadw) - give him a call for your pictures, can't beat a professional, he's a nice guy and understands reenactors and history. There is a link below to have a look at his work.

Chris Warrens' website

Well we are up and running now for 2019, below is one of the many characters (Brother Thomas) whom we recreate and bring to life at various venues during the year.We are working a lot this year with schools and sixth form colleges and are really enjoying it. 
     The emphasis has moved more towards private commissions for us this year and away from public shows, but that said, we have just finished a three-day event at Tintern Abbey, with some other first-class groups, that went down really well. 
     We will will be turning up to work with and see our old friends here and there though, so keep an eye out for us...
     I intend to put some narrative and some pictures on here this year, like in the old days, so do come back and have a look.

A good time was had at Oxwich again ast weekend. One good thing about fairly regular appearances at a particular venue is that people hear that you are going to be there and then come along to say 'hello'. It is great to meet and chat to people more than once and this happened several times during the day. 
We had a very busy time and everyone was very friendly and joined in to take part and to listen. The small prizes we were giving away to youngsters who showed a talent for the bow went down really well and there are lots of kids bimbling around today drinking their tea from our mugs and sporting baseball caps with our logo on!
The weather was lovely (apart from a gusty wind now and then) and we all had a good time.
Back again in July with English Civil War ( which seriously affected Wales), with muskets and flashing blades, so do come along for some history and some fun

Next year (2020)

Well I have to admit being a bit surprised at this, but we are already getting bookings in the diary for next year, so it looks like we'll be having fun then too... 

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